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Whether you are looking for relief from a personal crisis or a chronic issue, one-on-one therapy can help allow you to go deep and take inventory of what matters most to you in your life. I specialize in working with teens and young adults navigating life transitions, as well as individual adults. 


Designed to identify recurring cycles of interaction or behavior that affect family function. Family therapy can offer a space to acknowledge and identify core emotions that can become triggered while striving for connection and security.


Group therapy allows for deep introspection and reflection with the encouragement of peers. Through group therapy, individuals can work together and gain support to overcome negative perceptions, societal pressures, and ideas that they have about their lives.


Online therapy is a convenient way to access services without a commute. Talking with your therapist from the comfort of your own home allows for a stress-free approach to seeking support. I offer telehealth services for individuals who reside in the state of California. 

Individual Session: $200
Family/Joint Session: $250

You have a right to request a written Good Faith Estimate of Expected Charges under the No Surprises Act.

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